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Developments in the world of Florence Mills lore may not happen at the frenetic pace of the modern media but there are plenty of things happening from time to time so I hope to update this page regularly.
The previous editions of news can be seen still at Archive No. 1No. 2 , No.3 , No.4 , No.5 , No.6 , No.7No.8 , NO.9No.10No.11No.12No.13No.14, No.15  No.16  No.17 and No.18


Since last year the beautiful talented Gabrielle Lee has been presenting a one-woman show based on the life of the legendary entertainer Bricktop.


Following its initial success the show has been chosen to feature at the National Black Theatre Festival, starting in Winston-Salem on 31 July 2018

                                                                                                     Gabrielle Lee


At  I told the sad tale of how the Global Financial Crisis caused the collapse of plans to redevelop Los Angeles' old Florence Mills Theatre as a new cultural centre. Happily there is a new chapter in the saga with the recent announcement of the development of a new Florence Mills apartments in  the same area (I believe including the old theater site):
 For a preview of the planned apartments, with Florence proudly depicted see:


My late friend Delilah Jackson used to tell me how in England Florence was so famous that there were black Florence Mills dolls. I was able to find evidence of the Florence Mills shade of silk stocking but never the dolls, until now, from of all places New Zealand.
The following is from the Otago Daily Times  7 December 1926, reporting on novelties in the London Christmas  season:
    " . . .  magpie dolls with black faces to coincide with the "Florence Mills" craze. "


In News No.18 I gave details about my forthcoming book on African Entertainers in Australia and New Zealand. The publishers McFarland have announced its planned publication for later this year at      Be sure to click on "About the book".

 Anyone who would like to be kept informed of the book's progress can e-mail me at    Bill [at]    to be put on the advice list.

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