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Developments in the world of Florence Mills lore may not happen at the frenetic pace of the modern media but there are plenty of things happening from time to time so I hope to update this page regularly.
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Vale Delilah Jackson

Florence Mills never had a greater fan than Delilah Jackson, whose death at 84 years was recently announced.
Here is Part 1 of the two part  sincere tribute paid to her by her journalist friend David Hinckley.
Delilah was a unique person, with a passionate devotion to documenting and helping the great stars of black entertainment.  She was a mentor and close friend of mine, who helped immensely with the writing of my Florence Mills book.  She was a close personal friend of Florence's husband Ulysses 'Slow Kid' Thompson in his later years. Delilah wasn't an academic researcher in the formal sense but countless academic institutions relied on her vast grassroots knowledge, including the Smithsonian and Emory University, where her papers are held.
Delilah will be missed both personally and academically by many.  She leaves a gap that can never be filled

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