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Developments in the world of Florence Mills lore may not happen at the frenetic pace of the modern media but there are plenty of things happening from time to time so I hope to update this page regularly.
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Paul Colin's iconic lithographs of Le Tumulte Noir re-issued!

A facsimile edition of Le Tumulte Noir  (1927) containing the original posters by Paul Colin that glorified Josephine Baker has been re-issued:
 see A5_6Pages_New_bd_P2.pdf
The eighth image from the left in row 2 is the previously unidentified one of Florence Mills that I  recently identified for the first time since 1927
 (see: Florence Mills and Le Tumulte Noir)

And see here Figaro magazine's report of the publication, complete with Paul Colin's Florence Mills poster


Vale two wonderful ladies

My Florence Mills activities have given me the gift of knowing many wonderful people.
High on my list were two ladies I had the privilege and pleasure of knowing in their later years.
Both of them had connections with Florence and both passed on recently, at very advanced ages.
I hope to give more complete portrayals of both in the near future so for now let this suffice:

Gracie LeBrun (19 July 1912 - 1 August 2011)
Tap dancer and close personal friend of Kid Thompson
Displaying mementos of her show-biz days


Virginia Capehart (9 August 1904  - 2010)
Close friend of Eubie Blake and Sammy Davis Jr
Here enjoying her 102nd birthday with friends


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