January 25, 1896 - November 1, 1927


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One of Florence's most ardent admirers was her contemporary Eva Taylor.
Eva and Florence both started show business early as dancing, singing "Picks" with top white female stars 
(Florence with Bonita, and Eva with Josephine Gassman)
Interviewed for Storyville jazz magazine in 1967, Eva said:

 "[Florence Mills] was my favourite coloured artist
She had a small, sweet high pitched voice and didn't record for this reason
 She did make some test records but the recording technique at that time was no good for her.
 I had been in SHUFFLE ALONG with her, That was Sissle and Blake‘s big show"

Here is Eva, in her eighties, in Sweden in 1976, performing Florence's theme song,
more than fifty years after the historic version Eva recorded with Sydney Bechet and Louis Armstrong in 1924

I'm a Little Blackbird Looking for a Bluebird
(Full seven minute version available, with other great tracks, from Opus3 Records)


                       Florence Mills Month by Month

1919    With Panama Trio @ Pantages, Seattle, week of August 25
1921    Florence joins cast of Shuffle Along
    1923    Opens in In Dover Street to Dixie @ London Pavilion
    1924    In Dixie to Broadway @ Apollo, Atlantic City
    1924    Florence turns down Ziegfeld offer of starring role in Ziegfeld Follies
    1926    Big hit in In Blackbirds of 1926 @ Champs Elysees, Paris
    1926    Opens in summer season at Kursaal Casino in Ostend Belgium
Gives special birthday party for Kid Thompson at La Palermo restaurant in Montmartre
  1927    Florence gives farewell press statement  to British public on injustice of color bar
  1927    Spends 15 days convalescence in Baden Baden, Germany before   final return to USA

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