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Developments in the world of Florence Mills lore may not happen at the frenetic pace of the modern media but there are plenty of things happening from time to time so I hope to update this page regularly.
The previous editions of news can be seen still at Archive No. 1No. 2 , No.3 , No.4 , No.5 , No.6 , No.7No.8 , NO.9No.10No.11No.12No.13No.14 and No.15

Every so often a piece of news crops up that really is NEWS for Florence fans!

Just such is the recent report that there is to be a revival/adaptation/whatever of the great show Shuffle Along next year

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This was the show that originally made Florence Mills a mega international star after she replaced Gertrude Saunders of the original cast

Doubly welcome is the news that the show will star Audra McDonald

Some years ago  I was interviewed about Florence on a black radio show

 Asked what contemporary star Florence would have liked I replied "Audra McDonald"

Reports suggest Ms McDonald will play the role held by Lottie Gee in the original.

No information yet who will play Florence but Shuffle Along without Florence Mills is unthinkable!

More news as it comes to hand

  That's all for now, folks

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