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For someone whose memory has been in relative obscurity for many years Florence's name raises an impressive number of hits on the Internet. my favorite search engine, which came up with 166 when I launched this site originally, now comes up with almost 21,000 or so hits  for "Florence Mills" [Now 53,700, December 2103] . Although there's a small percentage of false hits,  the vast majority are genuine references to her.  Many of these are one line references in Harlem Renaissance sites or lists of death dates or noted events.  However, there are still quite a few interesting ones, some of them listed here:

Sites mentioning Florence

Chicken Bones is a highly recommended web-zine devoted to African American literary and artistic  issues. Read  Florence Mill: A Lost Treasure  by me in a back issue.

W.E.A.L.L.B.E.  the site of artivist R2C2H2  (author of  James Reese Europe: Jazz Lieutenant ) with much African American cultural and social content.  See my answers to 22 questions about Florence Mills  (may need to scroll down)

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